Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Crabcake Medley

This is a random post about my evenings culinary adventure. I had a little left over crab from crab and shrimp omelets this weekend and I decided, hey why not make a crabcake! I looked up a recipe quickly on, just to get an idea of what goes in them, since I've never made them before. I have no idea how much I put of each ingredient, but here's my list:
Lump crab, jalapeno, garlic chili sauce mayo, onion, egg, old bay, salt, pepper and crushed wheat thins (I didnt have any breadcrumbs). They came out really runny, and didn't set well, probably too much mayo. They fell apart while I was cooking them, so I didnt even photograph them, but boy were they TASTY!

Last night I made Mexican chocolate cupcakes and a cinnamon buttercream (icing recipe on tastespotting). The cake I just invented by using my go-to chocolate cake mix on the back of the hersheys cocoa. I used the dark chocolate cocoa, added cinnamon, allspice, pepper, a touch of salt and ground cloves. Also very tasty! I'll add a photo in a bit!

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