Wednesday, February 25, 2009

(Chocolate) Chip Off the Old Block- One Third of the Way There!

This week cupcake convert Diana (Pashunfroot and Thyme to Lime) and I decided to make Martha's Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Chocolate Chip Buttercream. Check out her take on this chocolate chip madness here! This will be my 5th of the 15 cupcakes! 10 more recipes to go! I started a list to the right with links back to my interpretation of each recipe! I had a friend's birthday and a class to bring them to so that I wouldn't eat the whole batch! Good thing too, these are awesome cupcakes! The batter uses beaten egg white to help with the leavening, and it makes for a fantastically light and fluffy white vanilla cake.
Semisweet chocolate chips make for a fantastic chocolatey surprise, a little bitter compared to the sweet cake. The icing is a basic buttercream, ultra sweet, but when combined with the cake its alright. I would use mini chips or chop up the chips, because I don't like big chips in such an otherwise light and soft bite, and its difficult to spread on the cake. I would also consider using a different icing...I'm just not such a fan of the ultra sweet buttercream. I guess it works overall, but its not something I want to add more of to the cupcake, or eat with a spoon (not that I would...wink wink).
Overall, very tasty. Martha's on a real streak- 5/5 cupcakes I will make again! And, I'd even make the cake without the chips! The cake part is delicious! As always, you can find the recipe here!

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