Sunday, January 18, 2009


I LOVE Cuban food. YUMMM! I was sooo excited to see Cuban on our My Kitchen My World menu! I attempted to make a Vaca Frita I had at Alma de Cuba in Philadelphia. In the restaurant it comes on white rice with black beans and a tomato escabeche, so I set out to repeat! I ended up finding the recipe by the chef of Alma de Cuba- Douglas Rodriguez! You can find the recipe I used on for the Vaca Frita and Red Onion Mojo. I read a couple recipes about escabeche so I ended up making my own. I'll have to post the recipe later though, I don't have it with me and I'm pressed for time. I sauteed some black beans and served it with it, but I forgot the beans for the photo shoot! Earlier in the week I also made a black bean soup using a recipe on Epicurious as a guide. I added a can of sliced jalapenos, juice of a lime and chipotles in adobo. It really bumped up the flavor quotient.

Last night I made the coconut cupcakes and seven minute frosting in the Febuary issue of Martha Stewarts magazine for dessert at my sushi party! They are fantastic!!! I don't have the recipe/know if its legal to post the recipe, but I will say that they are some tasty cakes there! I'm leaving tomorrow morning for Cancun (yay!) so I'm sure I'll come back in love with Mexican food and trying all kind of new dishes!! All inclusive resort = potential chubbfest.


Lauren said...

all I can say is yum! Since I live in Philly, I'll have to head back to Alma de Cuba for that one- haven't been in a few years! Thanks for a new excuse to go out to eat! Have a great trip!

Elra said...

What a meal. Looks absolutely delicious dear.