Sunday, December 6, 2009

Garden cake

My friend Aisha's dad's birthday was coming up and she decided to help throw him a birthday party! I'm all about celebrations and celebrating people's birthdays in a special way, so I offered to make a cake. She one-upped me and wanted to help me make it. We were thinking of different designs for the cake and decided that he loved gardening so we picked the garden cupcakes from the "Hello Cupcake" book and adapted it to a 9x11 sheet cake. Everything on the cake is edible: Signs are graham crackers coated with white chocolate and icing for writing, the lettuce is green icing covered corn flakes, radishes and carrots are laffy taffy and starbursts, and peas are m &ms with laffy taffy. Of course there's chocolate graham cracker dirt!

I didn't quite have enough time to make really pretty pictures, we were making this thing up to the last minute! It took a long time to make each individual candy, and for that reason I'm not excited to make it again, but boy was it a showstopper!

The cake turned out wonderfully, oh yeah, its just a basic chocolate cake (my favorite is on the back of the hershey's cocoa, substituting butter for oil) and the chocolate frosting (also on the can).

Happy Birthday Aisha's Dad!

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