Monday, August 17, 2009

Brain Confusion: Meatless Hamburger Cupcakes

Brain Confusion: Hamburger Cupcakes and Sugar Cookie Fries

My friend Lindsay and I decided to make cake for our Vegetarian friend's birthdays. We thought about making a fondant cake that looks like Cheese because one of them LOVES cheese, but instead settled on making Fast Food Dessert made famous by Bakerella and her Fast Food Fun post. Please refer to her post for recipe and complete instructions. These slider-cakes were awesomely easy and provided a real wow factor for all involved. We were really happy with the way they turned out, and our vegetarian friends were stunned with the finished product. I mean really, look at this, how conflicted is your brain? Looks like a super cute burger oozing with condiments, but realistically its a thousand grams of sugar waiting to send you into stark hyperactivity followed by a deep dark sugar coma.
These cupcakes were insanely easy to make, and lots of fun!! It's all prepared ingredients, so it only takes a little more time than it ordinarily would to make a box of cupcakes and a box of brownies. Decorating them uses food coloring, a can of icing and ziploc baggies, so its easy and cheap to decorate. No fancy equipment here.
One of the most labor intensive parts was actually putting the burgers and fries in the containers. We got containers from a local bagel shop. Lindsay bought them for $2. We made the fry holder using a print out from Bakerella's site. We also bought some of the little ketchup holders at Party City (for $1) and Lindsay made a "ketchup" out of strawberry jam.

Ready for the onslaught of burger-hungry vegetarians!
So cute!!
Here's how we did the icing... we used green coconut for lettuce on most, but made a couple with just green icing as lettuce for the few people that don't like coconut. We used sugar cookies like Bakerella for the french fries.
Yumm!! I think they turned out really well overall. Eating them is well...diabetes inducing. Total sugarfest. They are a bit sweet, but I LOVE sweets, so they were ok with me. Still though, I'd serve them with a nice cold glass of milk to cut the super sweetness of basically a cupcake brownie sandwich with extra frosting. Just looking at these pictures makes me crave hamburgers and cupcakes at the same time... confusing for my brain, but makes my belly happy.
yum......salty or sweet? you won't know till you bite it!

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Diana said...

So freaking cute!!!! HAHA SO MUCH SUGARRRRRR
Did you feel like you just had to run a marathon....and 30 seconds later just crashing?! it!
Eat your heart our Ace of Cakes!
All right I'm done posting.