Saturday, August 22, 2009

Adventures in Simple Syrup

I recently stopped my subscription to Cooking Light Magazine, and found myself perusing the latest issue while at work during some down time on Night shift. Of course this issue is amazing, and I realized almost immediately that I wanted to buy it. There were articles on sweet tea and low salt cooking, which I have started paying attention to since my brother became hypertensive at the age of 23. It's ridiculous, he's in tip top shape, but for whatever reason his blood pressure is high- so since he lives with me we have been trying to cut the salt. Anyways, that's beside the point. Important factor here: Sweet Tea. I am a born and bred Virginia girl, sweet tea runs in my veins. I crave sweet tea more than any other beverage. This article on tea was great though, because it has recipes for varieties on sweet tea, like peach tea, mint lime sweet tea, lavender and cucumber-ginger simple syrups. Yum! My mom made the peach tea, and I decided to make mango sweet tea.
Online recently I'd been seeing a lot of recipes for sorbet on Tastespotting. I figured since I was going to be making simple syrup I may as well try out that as well. Another contributing factor is the fact that I picked up a bunch of limequats from the store, and wanted to use them in something. More on the limequats to come in future posts. I won't even go into detail about the limequat sorbet because it was G-ROSS, and tragically I know exactly why. The reason for the grossness is detailed in this awesomely fantabulous picture:
Clearly by awesomely fantabulous I mean highly mediocre, but oh well. According to my random online limequat sources you can eat them whole like kumquats. Thus, I put the whole fruit in the processor, and blitzed them all to smithereens. I put this in with the equal parts sugar and water simple syrup, steeped it, and froze it. A few hours later I tasted it, and it was so bitter it was completely inedible! If I made it again I would definitely just use the juice from the limequats, although that would take forever to squeeze all those little teeny fruits! Alas, at least the tea turned out well.

Mango Sweet Tea (adapted from Cooking Light)
2 mangos, chopped and mashed
Simple Syrup (1/4 C water and 3/4 C sugar brought to boil until sugar dissolves)

Add hot syrup to mango, cover, let stand 30 min. Strain through a sieve, discard solids. Add to brewed tea.

The beautiful brown of tea
Steep on, steep on.
Mango Syrup
Finished Product. Delicious mango tea. Perfect summery treat, so refreshing! The tea is sweet, and FULL of mango flavor! My mom made a batch of the peach tea- also to DIE for!! I could drink Sweet Tea by the gallon, and these flavored teas take my cravings up a notch!! DELICIOUS! I could drink the whole batch in one sitting. The mango especially is a truly refreshing and satisfying beverage, with food, or alone for a treat!
Check back soon for my adventures with limequat- the alien citrus!

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A & W said...

Being from Nashville I also loveeee sweet tea. It's a shame the only place I can get it in NYC is McDonalds. But maybe I'll just have to make this on my own! Sounds delicious!