Saturday, November 8, 2008

Edo's Squid, how I love thee...

Words cannot describe how much I love Edo's Squid. The food is soooo amazing. This time I had the fried calamari (as usual) and the halibut. The calamari is perfectly seasoned, fried to a perfect golden brown and just melts in your mouth. It's not rubbery or stringy, the batter is light and crispy, and a squirt of lemon juice really just makes it all wonderful. I like mine with a little bit of marinara sauce, also excellent at Edo's. The halibut was also delicious. It was a generous portion on a piping hot plate, sprinkled with herbs. Once again, perfecly seasoned so that the flavor is there, but you can still taste the wonderful flavor of the fish. The fish was moist and flaky, it was just too good for words. Even the side dish of pasta was amazing. I had the garlic sauce on it- basically garlic, oil and herbs splashed over noodles. Simple, but oh so tasty. The BF had the veal marsala- SUPER good! Thin pieces of veal perfectly cooked, and the marsala sauce was great. Very sweet and light, but rich. Scrumptious. We couldn't finish it all last night so ate it a few minutes ago...another 15 minutes of pleasure. So good. If you haven't been, go. If you love tiramisu it is also very good, but its a little too espresso-ey for me... It's really really strong, and I don't drink coffee daily. A little to strong for me... I prefer Ellwood Thompson's a little more. The gelato is also good, and the cannoloni (sp?) is good too. Everything on the menu is good. I could go on for days, but I wont. I'll keep dreaming about when I'll go there again!

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